Top 11 Growth Marketing Communities that Business Leaders Should Join

Top 11 Growth Marketing Communities that Business Leaders Should Join

Are you a member of growth marketing communities?

If not, then you’ve been missing out on truckloads of opportunities that could skyrocket your business to nauseous heights.

With the support of a growth marketing community, you can:

  • Run profitable, worthwhile joint ventures
  • Build strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial for you and your network
  • Win higher-paying contracts
  • Be introduced to more industry leaders

We’re only scratching the surface, of course.

Now imagine missing out on all those benefits while your competitors are leveraging them every. single. day., all because you aren’t connected with a growth group.

Don’t compete while severely handicapped.

We’ll share with you some of the best growth marketing communities online that you can join. These growth groups run influencer AMAs, share meaningful data and expert tips, run projects together, etc.

You’ll get TONS of value out of them!

At the very least, joining these growth groups will even the playing field between you and your competitors.

The ideal scenario?

You dominate your niche because you’re in a group that’s far more supportive than the groups your competitors are in.

But anyway, before that...

What is growth marketing?

Several key phrases come to mind when thinking about growth marketing:

  • Data-driven
  • Constant analysis
  • Continuous adjustments and optimization
  • Growth-focused

Growth marketing is an added layer to the traditional marketing methods.

In traditional marketing, you send email blasts, run paid ads, etc.

With growth marketing, you’d be closely studying the data your email blasts generated so you can keep on analyzing and adjusting your campaign to see tangible growth.

The same process follows for other marketing methods. After running the campaigns, growth marketers pay very close attention to the numbers the campaign generated, they then analyze the results, adjust, split test, run the campaign again, then rinse and repeat until tangible growth is produced.

Growth marketers are as involved and deliberate as can be on every step of the marketing campaign.


Why business leaders should join growth marketing communities

“In Growth Blazers, marketers have a community for sharing strategies and trading tactics with the brightest, most rigorous, boundary-pushing growth experts in the world. I credit Growth Blazers for leading the industry’s most authentic virtual summits with crazy-insightful speakers and genuinely invested partners.” — Virginia Nussey, Director of Marketing at MobileMonkey.


Growth marketers, founders, executives, and other business leaders can relate to Nussey’s sentiments about being in a growth group.

Joining growth marketing communities gives you the platform to connect with other business leaders, learn from seasoned growth marketers, and collaborate with executives, among other decision makers, to come up with mutually beneficial ventures.

Essentially, you gain access to the connections and resources other business leaders have accumulated or built across their years, while you give them access to your network and resources, as well.

The top 11 growth marketing communities

Below are 11 of the best growth marketing communities that are worth joining.

1. Growth Blazers

Growth Blazers is an online community of growth marketers and business leaders.

Through the community, you can connect with some of the best growth experts, learn the latest trends, technologies, and strategies, join forward-thinking events, and have open and honest discussions about growth marketing and overall business success (among others).

Other invaluable things you can learn include:

  • Acquiring your first 100 customers.
  • Mapping buyer journeys and personas.
  • Developing a growth mindset and strategy.
  • Identifying your brand advocates and ambassadors.
  • Scaling through your growth tactics.
  • Building a high-performance team.

Your Growth Blazers membership also includes access to a private Slack community group, resources, research and templates, a weekly newsletter, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Additional info about Growth Blazers:

  • Target audiences/members: In-house marketers, growth marketers, agency marketers, other marketer types, founders, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs (among others).
  • Level of activity: Highly active.
  • Membership costs: You can join for $1 for a 14-day trial period and get the paid plans for $29 monthly or $197 per year. 


2. Growthnation

Growthnation by Mapplinks Academy is a private growth marketing community on Facebook.

Members can discuss growth marketing experiments they’re currently executing and share new ideas and tips to help improve growth marketing processes together.

You can get advanced growth marketing tactics and process enhancement advice from this online mastermind group, including fundamental and related content.

You can also ask questions and add value by sharing your growth marketing experiments and learnings with the Growthnation community.

Some of the things you can learn as a Growthnation member include paid and organic digital marketing implementation, growth marketing, data-driven analytics and marketing, CRO, social media and search marketing tips, and A/B testing (among others).

Additional info about the growth group:

  • Target audiences/members: CEOs, startup entrepreneurs, growth marketers, and digital marketers. Other members include mobile app marketers, and Software as a Service (SaaS) founders.
  • Level of activity: Moderately active.

3. CXL

Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth (CXL) is a Facebook group founded by Peep Laja and currently has 14.1k members.

The public community discussions focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), growth, and analytics.

Additional info about the growth group:

  • Target audiences/members: CRO experts, CEOs, entrepreneurs, growth marketers.
  • Level of activity: Moderately active.

4. GrowthMentor

GrowthMentor is a private group that connects marketers and founders with startup mentors and experienced business leaders.

The Slack community allows members to book one-on-one calls with vetted, skilled mentors. As a member, you can get regular weekly check ins with designated accountability coaches.

Additional info about the growth group:

  • Target audiences/members: Growth leaders, freelancers, marketers, and startup founders.
  • Level of activity: Active.
  • Membership costs: GrowthMentor full access is at $432 annually or $180 quarterly.

5. Demand Curve

Demand Curve is a private Slack community for experienced growth marketers. From this group, you’ll learn some of the best strategies leading growth teams use so you can run growth yourself.

You can also get feedback from the online community, helping you see quick results like you would get from a growth marketing agency.

Demand Curve maintains high-quality control of their Slack channels by inviting members only when they provide a meaningful contribution to the online community.

Community discussions include: 

  • User acquisition for major ad networks 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Google Shopping, Google Ads, and Bing tactics
  • Mobile marketing, including mobile-friendly ads, attribution, App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Growth marketing tools
  • Ecommerce, including Instagram and Pinterest ads and Shopify plugins
  • Content writing, keyword research, link building, and other SEO strategies
  • Landing page copywriting and segmentation
  • Sales tools, B2B outreach, and lead generation

Additional info about the growth group:

  • Target audiences/members: Entrepreneurs, freelance marketers, consultants, startup founders, and growth marketers.
  • Level of activity: Active.
  • Membership costs: You can join for free using a work email, but membership requires a rigorous application process since Demand Curve implements high-quality control over their Slack channels.

6. Growmance

Growmance is a Slack community by lead generation, digital marketing agency Audienti.

The online community is intended for marketers to discuss marketing, growth, startups, and demand generation.

As a Growmance member, you get to:

  • Expand your network and interact with marketing professionals.
  • Gain early access to innovative new marketing technologies from startups who often share and provide discounted or free access to their tech.
  • Exchange feedback and get help quickly from Growmance’s online mastermind community members and moderators.
  • Cooperate and coordinate with other marketers and business leaders to help boost your marketing efforts.
  • Learn best practices from Growmance’s shared marketing best practices Wiki that includes step-by-step instructions and other relevant information.
  • Have support from the community’s expert networks, Audienti’s founders, and other members.
  • Participate in training courses and get certificates of completion for free, including strategic marketing and copywriting.
  • Access Growmance’s #jobopportunities channel where members post marketing job opportunities and freelancers share their services and abilities.
  • Have product and service discounts since the Audienti team negotiates benefits and discounts on behalf of Growmance members.

Additional info about the growth group:

  • Target audiences/members: Most Growmance community members are startup founders, people running marketing agencies, and experienced growth marketers. 
  • Level of activity: Active.

7. Online Geniuses 

Online Geniuses is a digital marketing and SEO community based on Slack.

The online mastermind group is available to thousands of members for free, but it also includes a pro community of marketers, a talent network, and an online marketplace.

Online Geniuses has over 30,000 industry experts, including consultants, freelancers, Vice Presidents (VPs), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and agency owners from various digital marketing ecosystem niches.

The community provides an avenue for you to:

  • Solve problems by asking community members for prompt and well-informed insights and feedback on growth marketing and related topics.
  • Uncover resources, such as articles and tools shared within the community to help you face business leader challenges.
  • Meet new people through Online Genius’ niche agnostic and global community, allowing you to interact with like-minded and interesting people.
  • Find talent through the community’s hiring channel. It consists of 20,000 people, allowing you to find reliable, professional consultants, full-time employees, etc., easily.

Online Geniuses provides community channels for various marketing aspects, such as affiliate marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Conversion Rate Optimization, and analytics.

Additional info about the growth group:

  • Target audiences/members: Consultants, freelancers, marketers, business leaders, and agency owners from various digital marketing ecosystem niches.
  • Level of activity: Extremely active and quick to respond to community posts.
  • Membership costs: Online Geniuses is free, but you’ll need to go through a two- to four-week manual vetting process. You can pay $25 to bypass the waitlist.

You can also opt for the OG Pro tier for $599 annually. It’s a fully upgraded premium Slack community that gives you access to historical chats, conversations, and more in-depth digital marketing knowledge.

8. Growth Marketers

If you want to find a mastermind group, Growth Marketers by Growth Velocity Academy is one online community you can join.

It’s a private Facebook group that aims to support members, help each other build relationships, ask questions, and celebrate wins in life and business.

The Growth Marketers community provides a safe space for asking for help on growth marketing topics and challenges and getting and sharing feedback and advice, whether you are an industry leader, marketer, or freelancer. 

Other things you can do in the group include:

  • Share growth marketing tips, strategies, recommendations, and advice that help and work for you.
  • Ask and answer questions and establish mutually beneficial relationships by helping and asking assistance from group members.
  • Brainstorm with community members to come up with new ideas, solutions, and insights.
  • Gain encouragement that you might not get from every growth marketing agency while giving motivation to other members.
  • Inspire and cheer up members to help each other grow, whether professionally or personally.

Additional info about the growth group:

  • Target audiences/members: Marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • Level of activity: Moderately active.

      9. Digital Marketing Hub

      Digital Marketing Hub by Digital Defynd is a public Facebook group where members can post and share questions and answers about digital marketing (including growth marketing), polls, discussions, and interview series.

      Members can discuss and learn more about marketing, CRO, entrepreneurship, and growth marketing.

      It’s one of the open-ended expert networks for digital and growth marketers that can help members learn, grow, and thrive.

      Additional info about the growth group:

      • Target audiences/members: Digital marketers and people in the marketing industry.
      • Level of activity: Moderately active.

      10. Facebook Ads Strategies For Entrepreneurs, Coaches And Consultants

      Facebook Ads Strategies For Entrepreneurs, Coaches And Consultants is a private group focused on helping members get more sales and leads through Facebook ads. It also discusses topics on marketing, entrepreneurship, CRO, and growth marketing.

      If you want to find a mastermind group where digital marketers and entrepreneurs can share tools, ideas, and foster a community of like-minded individuals, then this community can be a good fit for you. 

      Besides learning about Facebook ads from the group, you can know more about sales funnels, copywriting, email marketing, and other growth marketing strategies to help business leaders.

      Additional info about the growth group:

      • Target audiences/members: Course creators, entrepreneurs, marketing coaches, and consultants.
      • Level of activity: Moderately active.

      11. Indie Hackers

      Indie Hackers offers a vibrant SaaS marketing community with members, such as CEOs, SaaS founders, and growth marketers who share tips, tricks, and insights on SaaS marketing.

      If you want to join a mastermind group to get expert advice on copywriting, funnel analytics, and pricing models, this is the one.

      Additional info about the growth group:

      • Target audiences/members: Entrepreneurs, SaaS founders, CEOs, email marketers, copywriters, and growth marketers (full-time and freelance).
      • Level of activity: Highly Active.

      Join a growth marketing group now

      In this guide, we covered the definition of growth marketing and the reason business leaders should join growth marketing communities, and we shared 11 of the best online communities you can join:

      • Growth Blazers
      • Growthnation
      • CXL
      • GrowthMentor
      • Demand Curve
      • Growmance
      • Online Geniuses
      • Growth Marketers
      • Digital Marketing Hub
      • Facebook Ads Strategies For Entrepreneur, Coaches And Consultants
      • Indie Hackers

      Now that you have all the info you need, start joining these growth groups to fast track your business success.

      Here at Growth Blazers, we’re offering our readers access to our community for only $1 (a limited time 30-day trial period). We welcome you to join our group of growth marketers now.

      Join growth marketing community